Are you the one who enjoys riding your BIG SUV off the road?
Do you look forward for your next fun filled family long drives and outdoor camping?
Are you always amused at how much you are able to load on top of your 4X4?
Do you have issues with loading on top of your big car because of your short reach?
Do you limit the load on top of your car because you have not figured out the easy way to offload?
Is it embarrassing when you can’t reach the top of your own vehicle to grab your pack of beer?

SUV Doorstep is a ground breaking innovative patented product (Patent # 2018101500) which has been designed to provide comfort and access to BIG car owners to their vehicle’s rooftops!
Whether you are cleaning your car’s rooftop or trying to load that big esky for your beer, we got it all covered through SUV Doorstep.

We are proud to be able to have thousands of happy customers across the world who has given us 5-star reviews for our products!
Now no more shying away from reaching the roof top just because you are a short person!

SUV Doorstop is a small, foldable, easy to carry, light weight product made of heavy-duty aluminium to take on weight of upto 231 kgs making it available to any person no matter how big he or she is.

It works as a footstep which is hooked to your door hinge and gives you a step to climb onto to access your car’s rooftop. It’s that simple!
It doesn’t end there. It is designed from Aircraft Grade Aluminium (6106) with utmost precision making it one of the only durable and guaranteed products in the market for its performance. 

9 Reasons to buy SUV Doorstep!

1. Easy to carry : With sharp dimensions of 6.8 x 3.5 x 1.9 inches and weight of just about 320gms (11.2 ounces), it is a product which is easy to sit in the boot of your car without much space or even carry in your hand bag.

2. Product for All : The load capacity of SUV Doorstop is up to 231 kgs (510lbs) which means even if you are a big guy or a big girl, it can be sturdy to give you a lift.

3. Car Safety : SUV Doorstep is designed with rubber-based bumper and the hook is coated with anti-corrosion paint to ensure that it doesn’t bring on any scratches to your car while in use. This certainly makes your car safer than any other dodgy products in the market.

The latches and strikers fixed in your vehicle by its manufacturer meets International standards to withstand up to 2500 pounds of force, thus the chances that your weight on the SUV Doorstep will pull down the striker and damage your car, is next to none.

When you step on the SUV Doorstep, the pressure is downward and not sideward. This ensures that the walls of the car are clear from any kind of pressure. The downward force of your weight is purely on the hook and the striker of your car which can hold upto 2500 pounds of force. So absolutely, no damage to your vehicle !

4. Patented Product: Our design, quality and technique are exclusive & unique in the market as we have protected it by patenting our product, SUV Doorstep in Australia and the US (Patent # 2018101500).

For All Cars : Our product fits into almost all cars big and small, so if you think this product will fit your car or not, the answer is just a Yes. The SUV Doorstep needs to be hanged on the striker attached to your car (can be seen near the door opening). These latch pins & striker are the most common latch receiver used in almost every passenger car and truck manufactured in the past 15 years. We thus designed a universal product that would fit on almost all vehicles.

5. Safety Design : The safety hammer design of SUV Doorstop acts as a powerful tool to break your cars windscreen in an emergency. It can also easily cut the seat belt and smash the glass, if the need be.

6. Colours to choose: SUV Doorstop comes in 4 amazing colours including red and yellow to meet your choice. 

7. Brand Guarantee: We have utmost trust in our products quality and durability and so we are confident to offer our brand assurance to you with a 1-year package return offer. In unlikely event that the product breaks or doesn’t work, return the product for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

8. Payment Safety: We work with market leading banks and online payment providers ensuring your online payments are safe and secure. We keep your payment security as our utmost priority.

9. Amazing Reviews: Not everyone can boast of 98% reviews from customers being 5-star ratings, we can! Thousands of customers globally have appreciated our product and have used it extensively. We have customer buying more than 1 piece for their 2ndand 3rd cars as well.

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