The SVUDOORSTEP Hook: Trust Us, You’ll Want One!

I’m sure you are like me when it comes to your Facebook feed, and you get bombarded with ads from folk that Facebook reckon you might be interested in? It intrigues me how a computer can learn what you like looking at and then tailor the content to suit and on one occasion recently it really did.

My mate Elvis (got to love how Chinese folk pick odd Anglo names when they reach out overseas) hooked me up with his hook, a step-hook that neatly fastens to the door closer on your 4WD and gets you elevation when previously the best you could manage was likely standing on the seat and coming up short.

Now for those of you using your roof rails for something like I do on the MU-X (in this case getting a surfboard on or off the car), this beautifully crafted gizmo makes that task a piece of cake now. Simply unfold the step and secure it with the hook installed under and over the latch leaving you a foot plate measuring 100mm x 70mm, not big but big enough to hoist yourself up and over roof level.

Now the genius in this thing is it’s strong. The alloy construction is guaranteed to support 150kgs on its own which might have you wondering how much load the door striker will take. Fear not, B-pillar closers have to take the force of a crash and not allow a door to fling open, so there’s no way the weight of a human will ever prise it off the car.

You might also be worrying about the back edge of the hook resting against your paintwork, well Elvis and his gang have thought about that as well, and built in a substantial rubber bumper/overrider.

So, if your habit is to load up the roof with a roof rack (and I don’t know why you’d want to do that, and I reckon that’s the basis of another story in Loaded 4X4) and in the past access has been challenging, then the Step Hook might be the answer.

Oh, and I should also mention that there’s a safety hammer function too with a star-shaped point on the leading edge of the foot plate that’ll smash a tempered glass window if for some reason you’re trapped in the car.

You’ll find plenty of sellers of this product online just type in Universal Car Door Step Hook in your search engine and for around $20 plus postage you’ll have one of these cool steps ready to go.

Elvis’s step hook will set you back around $35USD plus postage, shipped to your door within a couple of days, follow this link to find it

This article is from Loaded online magazine David Wilson, thank you very much!