Loading boards on roof racks made easy with the SUV Doorstep

Let’s face it, when it comes to strapping your board, bike or lengths of 4 x 2 to the roof rack, it is always, well and truly, a pain in the backside. You either end up chucking the straps over the top and hope they don’t twist or dink the paint, or you end up balanced precariously with a wet or sandy foot on the seats or wheel. Luckily there is a new product set to come to market, called the SUV Doorstep which cleverly hangs on your vehicle’s existing slam catch and provides a perfect step to reach up above the roof rack.

SUV Doorstep is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum with a non-slip surface that can support up to 300 pounds. Doorstep is also equipped with a protective magnet to protect the door. This is such a simple idea, it is hard to believe that it has taken a long time to find a "regression" and find a simple and compact solution to solve this ancient problem.

“SUV DOORSTEP” is the official registered brand. If you buy other doors, their quality/life can't be guaranteed! "SUV DOORSTEP" has AU, US and CA patents.
Quickly view patents: https://suvdoorstep.com/pages/patent-certificate

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